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The Tomazou lab, at the St. Anna Children's Cancer Research Institute in the medical hub of Vienna, aims to establish an epigenome-based precision medicine program for pediatric sarcomas.

The goal of our research group is to uncover the roles of epigenetic deregulation as an oncogenic mechanism, with a focus on fusion-driven pediatric sarcomas. We study how fusion proteins rewire healthy cells for malignancy, with the perspective of exploiting this knowledge for improving pediatric sarcoma therapy. We are applying state-of-the-art technologies that combine wet-lab and computational methods investigating:

  • Non-genetic mechanisms of tumor formation orchestrated by oncogenic fusion proteins

  • Contribution of the cellular state of the corresponding cell of origin to cancer development

  • Epigenetic heterogeneity as source of cellular plasticity providing novel therapeutic paradigms

  • Non-genetic based biomarkers for patient stratification and real time disease monitoring

For more details on published work, please also see our publications.

Single-cell technologies


Disease modelling of fusion-driven sarcomas & cell-of-origin

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